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HEI Cup Rice Noodle (Clam Flavor)145g
F6 Energy Drink
BAICAOWEI Squid With Roe 180g
Baicaowei (Spicy Chicken Paws Flavor) 160g
Haohuanluo Rice Noodles 300g
Doritos Corn Chips (Smokin BBQ Flavor) 68g
Doritos Corn Chips (Cheese Flavor) 68g
Maruto Japanese Cheese Cake 180g
UHA-Long Gummy Strip Candy (Orange) 41g
YBC Aerial Cheeder Cheese Chips (Spicy) 70g
Nitto Oolong Tea (Peach & Rose) 10pcs
NITTO Royal  Milk Tea (Sakura Flavor) 10*14gNITTO Royal  Milk Tea (Sakura Flavor) 10*14g

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